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Laura Juliano(non-registered)
I'm speechless. And for me to be speechless is a big deal :) These photos are amazing. The best you've ever done! Enjoy your trip!
Maggie omalley(non-registered)
Hi to both of you. Loving the pics Phil. Keep up with the architectural pics, I just love them!
Leer Leary(non-registered)
Keen eye of a keen guy!
Andrea Sawyers(non-registered)
Hi Phil, love your site! Will you be adding where the photos were taken. I'd like to be on that sandy beach about now.
Michael Sadofsky(non-registered)
Great work. What program are you using for this portfolio ?
Paddy Anne Hobbs(non-registered)
These are great. Very nice indeed.
Debra Baker(non-registered)
Hey Phil, Love the photos!!
Christa Dwyer
keep doing what you are doing :)

The vintage style images look really great!
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